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About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Ezekiel Ntesat

Human Capacity Development Consultant
I am a human capacity development consultant. I speak, coach and train people on how to become better at what they do.

I am the author of Between The Two Ears, the founder of Active Education Foundation, Coordinator of Not A Graduate Project, and the publisher of Empowered Ways Magazine.

What I Do

Here are the areas I can help

I facilitate in-house training and workshops. My trainings are targeted at helping your staffs become better at their job hencemy clients make more money.

I will inspire, motivate and challenge your audience, church members, youths and club to take action, become better, and impact their society.

Your circumstances will only change when you do. Learn how to change your situation through my one-on-one productive mindset coaching programme.


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Be Better Seminar

Is your small business facing the issues of staff inefficiency, wasteful use of scarce resources and low morale? At BE BETTER SEMINAR, we will help you overcome these challenges. One way we’ll do that is to help your staff own what they do by connecting their presence in your company to their personal success in […]


In a recent interview I granted at Vision 91.9FM Abuja, the host asked me what someone who derives no job satisfaction should do. My response was the person should change his/her attitude towards the job. I got not enough time to explain that in details. In this article, I will be explaining in details what […]


The mind is clearer when then stomach is empty – George Clason, author, Richest Man in Babylon. The stomach of most Nigerians is empty most of the time but particularly during this lean economy. Rather than using their clearer mind to think and prepare for the better days ahead, most Nigerians are using it for […]