One reason some never separate a fight is because of the experience of taking some of the blows. I got my share lately when I went to separate (not a fight but a beating) of a boy by an older guy whom I later discovered was drunk. I decided to separate because the boy was crying but stood still for the beating. Who knows maybe the both were drunk. ? ? ?

I got a blow from the older guy just some inch to my left eye. Though a weak blow obviously from his lack of energy as the alcohol had sapped them all. I would have landed in the hospital should the blow hit straight on my eyes. I’ve learned my lesson. From now I will separate fights from afar. ? ? ?

But there is this fight we all must separate and we must not do that from afar. It’s the fight between our conscious and subconscious mind.

Just imagine, that the older but drunk guy is your subconscious because, in reality, your subconscious is like 9 times bigger (in terms of what it can do simultaneously as well as the amount of brain resources it uses) than your conscious mind. Also, naturally the subconscious mind is always drunk with negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs prevalent in most societies.

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