My Story

I am Ezekiel Ntesat. I speak and teach youths on how to renew their mindset, identify their life’s purpose, invest in themselves and invest a portion of their income no matter the amount.

How I became a speaker.

Since I was a child, I have always being outspoken (though not very social). I have been a Sunday school teach from 2003 till 2013. I was the second best Sunday school teacher for 2005 and the best for 2006 of the 8 classes in my church as my class came second and then first during the annual Sunday class competition.

It wasn’t until 2006 I knew anything about public speaking. It was then I decided I will use my teaching and new found speaking gift to empower youths in Africa. Though I did not start speaking professionally until 2016.

Working with Youths

Though I never had a long stay in any of my primary and secondary schools but due to my outspokenness, I was elected the first president of the 1999/2000 graduating set student association. Before then, I was the secretary of my community youth association for over 4 years.

I have never played a passive role in any organization or association I belong. Shortly after I moved from the village to the city in search for opportunity to continue my education, I joined the youth department of the same church where I serve as a Sunday school teacher. Within 6 months, I was elected the secretary of the over 300 member youth department. Two years after, I was elected the vice president and two years thereafter, I was nominated the youth president.

My Interest on Mindset

During my years of interaction with youths especially the years with the youth department of my church, I realized that the greatest hindrance to Africa’s development is the limiting mindset of her youth. This is due largely to numerous superstitious beliefs which has created self-doubt, poverty mentality and lack of confidence in most African youths. I have personally suffered much of these but thanks to Bishop Emmanuel Ihueze the wife Happiness Ihueze and  few others who made me realized that my hindrances were more of internal than external.

My Personal Development experience

Base on the above revelation, I made the decision to read at least one book every month and as at today, I have read and listen to over a 100 books much within the last 5 years. I have read and listen to books on psychology, personal development, leadership, personal finance, marketing, management, etc. and have equally attend several seminars and workshops on these subjects. This decision has equipped me with resources the youths of Africa are in dare need.

 How I started investing in myself

One of my favourite quotes is, “Your financial breakthrough comes only after your mind breakthrough.” I got my financial breakthrough, when I realized, that I must pay myself first from every personal income before I pay the food sellers and any other bills including medical bills.

Though it was a very tough experience, I have for about two years paid myself 10% of all my personal income not withstanding the amount. Because I was averse to saving, I decided to directly put this portion into some investment. The investment experience was equally bitter but this has brought financial liberation to my path and sharing this experience with African youths has become much like an obsession.

Get in touch

You can reach me for speaking engagement through my email, twitter, facebook, instagram or use the contact details on my website.