Many in life are suffering for what they know nothing about; they are falsely accused. But what do you think will happen to some of these people who suffered for a sin they never committed? For some, it’s a license to starts indulging in the act. This is usually one of the reasons spouse who are unfaithful gives after being accused of infidelity.

What then do you expect of the devil? You expect him to keep quiet after all the false accusations by church people? If these accusations were just a few times, one would understand and say, it’s just so few. But as it appears, this does not look like it’s going to end any time soon. So the devil even the things he could never do takes the pride in accepting he did them as long as you are not living in God’s plan for your life, which is his chief object.

You see, it’s the same God that created the Angel who became the devil that created the universe and all the powers and principles that governs it. The angel-turned-devil cannot be more powerful than the powers and principles that governs all including himself.

The devil can’t stop the earth from yielding, he can’t stop living things from drinking water neither can he stop any principle from working as God intends. Albeit, even when it seems he did any of these, it just temporal. So stop making him look so powerful where he is not. Rather learn to follow the principles of life and you will discover that you have all this while being falsely accusing someone else instead of yourself.

Resist the devil but not where he’s not. Have a successful week ahead.

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I was once told by my father to learn how to do things so I do not have to always apologise. I had no much understanding of what that meant as I keep seeing myself having to apologise every now and then. One may ask, how can that be possible? In practice, this may not be possible but we can all lead a lifestyle that is not filled with regrets, bitterness and low self-esteem by eliminating most of our unwanted habits.

When we constantly apologise, we repeatedly tell our subconscious how many unwanted habits we have and because the subconscious does not differentiate between real and imagined facts, it accepts that our life is full of mistakes and errors due to these unwanted habits so it keeps projecting them to us.

To correct this autosuggestion from our subconscious, we need to consciously tell our subconscious what we want and when we have done that consistently enough, our subconscious will give up the belief that we are filled with errors and start projecting confidence, self-esteem, and pride in our new self which we have now suggested it does.

To make this process right,

You may not be the kind of person you want but until you accept who and how you are now, the new you can’t emerge. Accepting yourself entails you recognising that you are not at your best. That this you have many things the real you wants to eliminate. Though this is usually not any fault of yours but you must accept that becoming the best you is your responsibility. It entails you believing that you are capable of becoming your best. That the real you is possible and that the real you is not this present.

Until you take full responsibility of you, you are not in control. To be in control starts with believing in your possible you. You see, all that you are right now is the programme of your past. You were programmed by those you spent most of your childhood with. You were programmed by the society where you grew up. You were programme by some of your personal experiences. These basic programmes formed your current realities which in itself reinforces the old you.

Whatever you heard or saw repeatedly soon became part of you. If you can count how many times you saw it, then it became part of you because you were very emotional when you saw or heard them. This is because experience laden with emotions have greater impact on the subconscious.

Take for example, how often do you yell at either your spouse or children or some other things you really wished you stopped doing? Now, try to remember how many times you were yelled at as a child if yours was yelling. If you can count how many times, and you now yell, it’s simply because you really got angry, sad or bitter each time you were yelled. If you can’t count, it s because your subconscious accepted it as normal because it was repeatedly fed with it. This was how most other of our habits (if not all) both the good and the bad were formed.

The good news is, it’s within our power to control and eliminate any of these unwanted habits the same way we got them by repeatedly and consciously rejecting them each time we indulge them. I do not mean condemning ourselves but with hope and faith repeatedly denounce these habits until our subconscious accepts that those habits are no more wanted.

Apparently, you did not consciously learn those habits because your subconscious does not need to be told to learn before it can learn. However, you need to consciously unlearn those habits.

You see, our subconscious is like the soil. Unwanted habits are like the weeds;  no effort is needed for them to grow. But our cherished habits are like the crops, we must make the soil good, plant, water and keep weeding the farmland before we have a good harvest.

There is no overnight process to eliminating our unwanted habits. Similarly, there is no promise that we can eliminate all our unwanted habits but the fewer they are, the better us we have created. Otherwise, we have become perfect and not fit to remain on this imperfect earth.

7 Practical Steps to FREE Self-Development in 2018

You must not pay for your self development. However, the steps below are not completely free as you will need to pay one way or the other to get the materials.

Because your self development is the key to your success, I do not advice you never pay for it. But so you don’t give any excuse, I am listing out websites where you can start until you have some money to start paying for it.

1. Budget for your personal development. So you don’t forget your self development is worth paying any amount for. Let’s start by setting aside some money for it. Let it be at least 5% of your personal income. Open a savings account for this and start saving gradually.

2. Spend this amount on books, attending seminars, workshops, certifications, and further schooling. Except for schooling and paying for the certificate, you can get all others for free at the beginning.

3. Read at least one hour each morning using your phone. Before you start buying hard cover books, start with soft copy. You can download good books on almost any subject for free from

4. Attend free seminars each month. Visit to search for free seminars and workshops near you. Not all free seminars can give you such quality information but its a good start.

5. Listen to audio book for free. Go to to find out books you like to read. Search for the audio copy of the book on YouTube. Use to convert audio books on YouTube to audio format.

6. Get a free certificate this year. Study for the certification or diploma programme of your choice from then go to to take your exam.

7. Start school this year. National Open University is available for anyone of any age who may not be able to afford full time studies due to time constraint. You can study at your pace. A 4 year course can be completed in 8 years.

With this information, you don’t have any excuse not to work on yourself this year. Start your self development now and each time you are tempted to quit, remind yourself how much time you have spent on things you hoped would work out for you.


Imagine hearing that you can get a new Galaxy S6 from a store at #70,000 and you rushed down and actually that was true. So you paid, collected a receipt and went home excited. After few hours, you begin to notice some funny behaviours from the phone then you realized it was a refurbished Galaxy S6 so you took it back and you were shown a clause on the terms and conditions at the back of the receipt that says “items are not returnable”.

Now you get stuck with it so you start looking for someone to sell it to but you can’t sell at the same price you bought it. Incidents like this should elicit much regrets instead of blames but most people will blame the Galaxy S6 seller for swindling them. Instead of regretting not taking the time to read the terms and conditions or even go with someone who has more knowledge of phones.

The natural tendency for most people is to look for what /who to blame for their misfortunes, failures, setbacks, etc. This tendency stems from another natural tendency to avoid responsibilities.

Agreed, our family background, society and community influence us in many ways. But the ultimate results we get in life is usually our making. What you failed to do when you should have done them; the future you failed to plan, the work you failed to take seriously, the savings/investments you refused to start, the further education you failed to get, the books you failed to read, the exercise you failed to commit to, the relationship you failed to nurture, etc.

Within your ability lies the power to undo the effects of family and society on you. When you fail to realize this, whatever you are getting in your life today is what you have paid for by your refusal to do what you should have done.

To start getting better results

  1. Become a better you. According to James Allen author of the classic As A Man Thinketh, Your circumstances reveals your real self to you. He went further to say, you get what you are. A man who wishes his circumstances to change, must first change himself. Until you change you, your circumstances will not change. Jim Rohn, says if you don’t like a thing, change it and if you can’t change it, then it means it’s time to change yourself.
  2. Renew your mind. The first and most important change is a changed mindset. All that you have ever been and will ever be is a reflection of your mindset. You can’t be better than your mind. What is stopping you is more of what you have than what you don’t have. Be careful what you let into your mind but more importantly, find out what has been in your mind and change those hindering you.
  3. Take self-development seriously. The best approach to renewing your mind is self development. When you begin to develop yourself, then your mind begins to get new mind food. Expose yourself to new information; find role models, go to more school if necessary, read books on self development, motivation and career development, associate with people who you want to be like. And more importantly, stop mingling with people and things whose influences are insidious. These includes; negative family members, friends and colleagues, excessive watching of TV and attachment to social media for the sake of social media, etc.
  4. Dream, Plan, Execute. What brings every kind of change including those mentioned above is ACTION. If you don’t act, everything remains the same. Everyone desire a change but inaction is the reason more people fail to realize their desire. This is the real thing. It’s is where the work is harder.The type of action that brings change is not ACTIVITY but PRODUCTIVITY. Productivity is acting base on plan. Plan is more effective when it’s towards achieving a goal. So get a dream, plan how to achieve it then go ahead and implement the plan. Sometimes the issue may not be with the plan but the dream. Don’t be discouraged if you fail.  Just plan again, try again and dream again.

To conclude, family upbringing, societal influences and many more factors influences our life but within us lies the power to overrule the effects of those influences. Take personal responsibility for your life and stop looking for who or what to blame. The day you decide to change I mean really decide is the beginning of your new life. This decision must bring about a changed you, through mind renewal, self-development, and proper execution of plans. Whether you take these actions or not, you are getting what you paid for (YGWYP).



Many times I hesitate doing a thing whenever I consider the amount I will spend. I kept doing this until it became part of me. So the moment I realized I needed anything, what comes first to me is; how much. Each time I visit any store, the first thing I look for is the price.

This happened for a long time. When I understood the damage this thinking has done to me, I started working on my mind. This is not to say I now buy just anything I need without knowing the price. What I now do is; I consider the value first before wanting to know the price. With this, I now make up my mind whether to go for it or not before wanting to know the price.

Due to lack of sufficient money, most people want to know what it will cost them to buy or do a thing before knowing the real value of that thing. This thinking has caused more damage than the actual lack of money itself. This thinking stems from the idea that lack of money is a problem. This is the same thinking that has stopped many from attempting. It has made more failures in life than anything else.

Let’s look at this scenario; you spend 150k to buy a suit and wore it to a business meeting. Though your presentation was not top notch but because you look credible, you got the supply contract out if which you made 1.5m profit. What then is the actual value of the suit?

When you see money as a problem, you are hindering yourself because such thinking ends up believing you need money to solve every problem. Until you realize that money is not the problem but lack of creativity and resourcefulness, you will remain poor.

It’s your lack of creativity that hinders you from finding a way to raise the money. It’s your lack of resourcefulness that hinders you from working on your plan to raise the money; that is after you’ve found a way.

You see, the aphorism “where there is a will, there is a way” is so true to this situation. The will to do anything comes from knowing the value of that thing. No one will spend 6 years in school studying medicine if he does not know it’s value.

First find out the value of any idea or a thing you desire before finding out the cost. Knowing the cost of a thing before knowing the value is putting the cart before the horse. This will hinder you. And this hindrance is the worst form because is stems from the mind. Such hindrance may never be overcome. When this is the case, you remain poor for life.


A man came into a new neighbourhood and had just one route to and from work to his home. Because he departs early to work, he never meets this bulldog. But in the evening when he comes back, he will have to pick a race to pass this dog’s premise. (more…)


Everywhere I go, I see the aged. Many trek long distance under scorching sun while few are being driven around in luxury cars. Many queue up at the general hospital to see the doctor while doctors hurry up to go see few at their home. Many hardly have enough to eat while few order meals overseas. In fact, many live in squalor while few live in splendour.

Certainly, there are many circumstances that may result to the suffering of many aged. But my point here is, how come the other few are different? It was Jim Rohn one of the world renowned motivational speaker who once said “We all must suffer from one of two pains; the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Many (if not all) of the aged who suffer, do so because they refused to pay the smaller prize of self-discipline when they were young, especially as it relates to money. They believed they still have many more years to live and work so they ignored the advice to save and invest. They deceived themselves into believing also that the cash inflow will always be regular until it was too late.

Do not behave like them now that you are young. Start preparing for your future today by putting aside a good portion of your income into a secure but profit yielding investment. If you never lived to enjoy it, you have by this provided for your family long after you have left.

Have a great night.

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No good farmer eats all his harvest. They keep part for next planting season. Your salary and other small incomes are your harvest from where you get the seed for next planting season. If you want a good harvest, keep a good seed. To make it easy for you, do the following.

1. Know How Much You Earn and Spend. Up to a million naira and more pass through the hand of an average adult every year. When we don’t know the amount that comes in and goes out, we easily conclude we don’t have money to invest. To know what comes in and goes out,

2. Keep Daily Record of Income and Expenditure. The discipline you get through daily record of your income and expenditure will extend to your investment. Keeping a record of your income and expenditure will help you decide to keep a portion of it for investment.

3. Invest a Portion of Your Income Before any Expenditure. Investment experts advises that at least 10% of your income should be invested. You can start with say 5% but ensure you increase it after few months to 10%.

Have a great night.

I am Ezekiel Ntesat. I speak and teach on #Mindset, #Self-Development and #Personal #Finance.

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What I mean by investment temptation here is the rush to invest your money and or to withdraw your investment or interest in a hurry.

1. The Hurry to Invest. Do not be in a hurry to make any investment. Only financial traps comes with temptation to invest in a hurry. Very few were smart with their investment in get rich quick schemes like MMM. Those who were bitten hard enough by its collapse, understand what I’m saying. Be patient and SEEK EXPERT OPINION FIRST.

2. Haste to withdraw Investment. Investment is like a tree, it grows. You can’t eat it’s fruits if you don’t allow it to grow. Withdrawing your investment prematurely, is like jerking you tree from the roots. Be patient and consistent and very soon, the fruits (interest) will begin to yield. Make a resolution never to withdraw your investment no matter what but still, DON’T EAT INTEREST YET.

3. Eating the Interest. You may say, fruits are to be eaten so why shouldn’t I eat the interest on my Investment? My simple question to you is, which would you prefer; few fruits from a single tree or much fruits from many trees? Personal #finance experts advice you should eat the third generation interest. That is, the interest that an interest of another #interest yields. #Investment requires a #long-term perspective. WAIT!

I am Ezekiel Ntesat. I speak and teach on #Mindset, #Self-Development, #Purpose and #Personal #Finance.

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The following are what you need to start investing.

1. Learn About Money: One of the topics on investing we treated was START INVESTING NOW. This doesn’t mean you must jump into investing without first having a little knowledge of it. Just like we go to school to learn a profession or skill, so we must learn about money before we can properly manage it. Read books and attend seminars on investment to at least know the different types of investment.

2. Seek Professional Advice. No matter how much books you read and how many seminars you attend, the place of professional advice is indispensable. If you don’t know anyone in person ensure you give your money to someone who has a wealth of experience to investing for you. Be weary of get rich quick schemes.

3. Decide and Start. No amount of know knowledge and advice can add 1kobo to your money until that money is invested. However, you don’t need to know too much about investing before you start. So do not spend too much time learning about it. Start investing the moment you know little about the different types of investment.

4. Don’t expect miracles. Investment though managed by humans is controlled by natural principles. No one individual has any power over it. Just like anything natural, investment takes time and it usually does not grow rapidly. Be patient and consistent.

Have a great night.

I am Ezekiel Ntesat. I speak and teach on #Mindset, #Self-Development and #Personal #Finance.

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