Is your small business facing the issues of staff inefficiency, wasteful use of scarce resources and low morale? At BE BETTER SEMINAR, we will help you overcome these challenges. One way we’ll do that is to help your staff own what they do by connecting their presence in your company to their personal success in life.

British-American author, Simon Sinek said “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” You have financially invested in your business, now invest emotionally in your staff by sending them to  BE BETTER SEMINAR and they will contribute to your business growth and profitability.



BE BETTER SEMINAR is specially targeted at employees of small and mid-size businesses in Abuja who may not be getting the best from their employees. Instead of sacking that employee, why not invest in him/her emotionally and intellectually. You will recover in several folds the little amount this training will cost you.

At BE BETTER SEMINAR, your employees shall learn:

  1. How to develop a productive mindset so as to become more efficient and productive
  2. Will learn to love their job.
  3. The secrets of putting in their best in their job
  4. How to efficiently use company resources.
  5. How to
  6. How to handle personal and family challenges so it does not affect their job.
  7. How to set personal and professional goals and achieve them.

Speakers include:

Sam Ibrahim (Mpsn) is the formal divisional manager of Globacom Nigeria Limited in charge of total business for Mid-West which includes Edo, Delta, Bayelsa and Kogi states. He is a sales and business management professional with a total of over 25 years experience in PHARMA, FMCG and TELECOMS with a high level of commercial initiatives, business development, event management, institution and government businesses.



Ezekiel Ntesat is a Human Capacity Development Consultant. He speaks, coaches and train people on how to develop productive mindsets, develop themselves and become more productive. He is the author of Between The Two Ears, the founder of Active Education Foundation, Coordinator of Not A Graduate Project, and the publisher of Empowered Ways Magazine.

BE BETTER SEMINAR will be held as follows:

Date: 11th May 2019

Time: 10 am prompt

Venue: Savannah Suites, Area 3, Garki – Abuja


Attendance fee is ₦5,000 only for each participant.

Get 20% discount if you are sending above 5 staffs

FIll the form below or call 08023755992, 07060897082 to register your staffs.


Text BB to 08023755992 or 07060897082 for registration details

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