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Is your small business facing the issues of staff inefficiency, wasteful use of scarce resources and low morale? At BE BETTER SEMINAR, we will help you overcome these challenges. One way we’ll do that is to help your staff own what they do by connecting their presence in your company to their personal success in life.

British-American author, Simon Sinek said “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” You have financially invested in your business, now invest emotionally in your staff by sending them to  BE BETTER SEMINAR and they will contribute to your business growth and profitability.



BE BETTER SEMINAR is specially targeted at employees of small and mid-size businesses in Abuja who may not be getting the best from their employees. Instead of sacking that employee, why not invest in him/her emotionally and intellectually. You will recover in several folds the little amount this training will cost you.

At BE BETTER SEMINAR, your employees shall learn:

  1. How to develop a productive mindset so as to become more efficient and productive
  2. Will learn to love their job.
  3. The secrets of putting in their best in their job
  4. How to efficiently use company resources.
  5. How to
  6. How to handle personal and family challenges so it does not affect their job.
  7. How to set personal and professional goals and achieve them.

Speakers include:

Sam Ibrahim (Mpsn) is the formal divisional manager of Globacom Nigeria Limited in charge of total business for Mid-West which includes Edo, Delta, Bayelsa and Kogi states. He is a sales and business management professional with a total of over 25 years experience in PHARMA, FMCG and TELECOMS with a high level of commercial initiatives, business development, event management, institution and government businesses.



Ezekiel Ntesat is a Human Capacity Development Consultant. He speaks, coaches and train people on how to develop productive mindsets, develop themselves and become more productive. He is the author of Between The Two Ears, the founder of Active Education Foundation, Coordinator of Not A Graduate Project, and the publisher of Empowered Ways Magazine.

BE BETTER SEMINAR will be held as follows:

Date: 11th May 2019

Time: 10 am prompt

Venue: Savannah Suites, Area 3, Garki – Abuja


Attendance fee is ₦5,000 only for each participant.

Get 20% discount if you are sending above 5 staffs

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In a recent interview I granted at Vision 91.9FM Abuja, the host asked me what someone who derives no job satisfaction should do. My response was the person should change his/her attitude towards the job. I got not enough time to explain that in details. In this article, I will be explaining in details what I mean by a change of attitude and will give one other option such a person should take as well as the opportunities and challenges each option presents.


There are many reasons for the lack of job satisfaction but amongst them are: doing a job that does not align with one’s purpose, working just for the pay, doing so much but earning so little, lack of proper job description, abusive working environment, etc. the concern of this article is to share two options on how to get job satisfaction regardless of the circumstances of the job and the attendant opportunities and challenges each option presents.


Like I mentioned earlier, one of the options to getting job satisfaction is a change in attitude towards the job. The second option is to quit the job. Let’s look at it in more details.


Keith Harrell wrote a book and titled it Attitude is Everything. You may not agree with him. But suffice it to say that you cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you respond to what happens to you, and that is an attitude. Austrian Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl and author of Mans Search for Meaning said; “between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.


  1. A change in attitude towards your current job will reflect in many other areas of your life. This includes your relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues.
  2. A change in your attitude towards your current job will help you grow and open up other opportunities to you.
  3. A change in your attitude to your work will enable you to understand what your boss goes through to ensure you get paid.
  4. A change in your attitude will attract better job opportunity to you. This will happen because life would consider you qualified to handle bigger opportunities. This bigger opportunity could be what will bring you ultimate job satisfaction.
  5. A change in your attitude will enable you to learn the lessons your current job would teach you. This will help you become better at handling situations when you are in a job you get satisfied doing.


  1. You would have to handle the difficulties every change presents. Change is not an easy thing to do. If it is, everyone would be changing. Someone said the greatest room in life is the room of improvement. Change is the only means of improvement. A change of your attitude is, as a matter of fact, the hardest thing to change but at the same time the best thing to change.
  2. Your boss or coworkers may think you are pretending but as you persist, they will ultimately see your sincerity.
  3. You will have to endure the same coworkers, boss, work environment, or low income if that was your issue with the job.


Quitting the job you do not get job satisfaction doing may be the best option for you as it presents both opportunities and challenges as well.


  1. You could get a better job but this usually does not happen faster than a change in attitude.
  2. You could realise it was time you started your business but you may not have learned enough to start your business.
  3. You will have the time to go scout for another job and luckily get a job you like.
  4. You would have the time to reflect on your life and your goals.


  1. You will lose your source of income. This is a difficult thing especially if it’s your only source of income.
  2. You may not have learned the lessons life wants you to learn by putting you in that position.
  3. Unless you left peacefully, you may not get a recommendation from your boss or coworkers for other jobs.

As you can see, both options have opportunities and challenges. You are in a better position to decide the option you chose.



The mind is clearer when then stomach is empty – George Clason, author, Richest Man in Babylon.

The stomach of most Nigerians is empty most of the time but particularly during this lean economy. Rather than using their clearer mind to think and prepare for the better days ahead, most Nigerians are using it for complaining.

We are quick to forget the good when the bad happens. We are quick to forget that the darkest moment in the night is the hour before dawn. We are quick to forget that after every hardship comes ease.

Complaining has never solved a problem, it only worsens it especially if the problem is financial. Rather than complaining, we should be planting. The surest crop to plant during low economy and as a matter of fact during high economy is the crop of self-development. Investing in ourselves is the best investment anyone should make.

You move around the country and you see lots of new businesses springing up here and there. Surely most of these new businesses will fold in a few years but this indeed is the best time to start that new business. This is the best time to start that schooling. This is the best time to start reading lots of books, attend training and seminars.

If you claim you do not have the money to start that business, start the school, if you have no more need for school, attend seminars and workshops. If you claim you don’t have the money to attend that seminar, think again. If after thinking again you maintain you still don’t have the money, you sure do have the money to pay your fare to that free seminar and workshop around you. There are many if only you choose to use that data you spend on social media to search on Google for “FREE SEMINARS NEAR ME.”

You sure do have the money to buy a self-help book and read one each month or at least use that data you spend on social media to visit to download thousands of free e-books and read them with that BIG smartphone in your hand. You sure do have the money to start developing yourself.

Ease is coming. Economic recovery is certain to happen in Nigeria a few years from now. Will you be among those that will reap from it? Did I hear you say “years?” Yes, I said years. It may be one, two, three or even 5 years from now. The important thing is not how much time we have to wait for the recovery but how much prepared are we for the recovery.

No wise farmer plants his crops during the harvest. This is the best planting season thou Nigerian youths. This is the best time to prepare for the recovery of our economy. This is the best time to develop ourselves Nigerian youths. Let us stop the complaining and start planting our crops.


All we have been and all we will ever be was and shall be by what is on our mind.

Until you have a breakthrough in your mind, you may never have any other form of breakthrough.

Come to think of it, until you change your prayer pattern to conform to the word of God, your prayers may not be answered. This change in pattern can only come by a change in your mind.

Until you change the way you study your books, a breakthrough in academics may be very far away. That in itself is a breakthrough in the mind.

Until you change the way you think about money which will make you start doing the things rich people do with money, you may never become rich.

Every change in circumstance usually starts with a change in the mind. The process of change is almost impossible without a commensurate change in your mind.

Attend MIND GEAR 2.0 and you will learn how your mind works and how you can change it to change any circumstance you want.

Date: This Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Time: 3pm prompt.

PLEASE NOTE: The venue has been changed to a more conducive one.

The venue now is Beachland Hotel, opposite Abraham Adesanya Estate Gate, Ajah – Lagos

Click here to register

This event is supported by Simple Plus Ventures Ltd, an indigenous and one of Nigeria’s leading Architectural and engineering construction firms.


On February 7th, 2017, I left Abuja to Lagos to meet the many opportunities I believe can be found in Lagos. Life in Abuja was tough. I was broke, frustrated, and angry with my wife for not doing enough to support me financially, and with God for not opening ways for me but never imagined I could be the one with the problemS.

Before I left, I decided to go with three books: Think and Grow Rich byNapoleonn Hill, Richest man in Babylon by George Clason, and Secret of the Millionaires Mind by Harv Eker. I equally decided never to buy or read any other book until I have read these books three times each. It took me about two months to do that.

Three things these books taught me are:

  1. Only me can decide the level of success I can achieve,
  2. If I want any change in my life, I must change myself first.
  3. To change myself, I must change the way I think.


This led me to study how the mind works. In my research on the mind, I found out that there are many things I can do to change the way I think, the one which was overwhelmingly recommend was affirmations.

Affirmation is the process of imprinting a thought pattern into our subconscious mind. Just like we imprint the multiplication table from 2 to 12, we can deliberately replace or suppress existing limiting mindsets (thought pattern) with the empowering mindsets we want.

So I compiled a list of confessions that changed my limiting beliefs to new empowering beliefs that I want to have. This list, I confess to myself every morning when I awake and evening before going to bed for 90 days.

This activity changed my perspective on Life, money, people and myself. Because of these empowering confessions, I now see how life is willing to give me anything I want if I am willing to help others get what they want. I now see how people are interested in me and helping me succeed because I have a genuine interest in people.

I now see how the devil is not the problem but me. I now see how God has made everything I will ever want in abundance. I now see how easy and possible life can be.

Fill the form below to download your free copy of 25 EMPOWERING CONFESSIONS that can literally change your life in 60 days.


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In 2016, I was broke, in debt, frustrated, angry with God, my wife and my marriage was collapsing – I blamed it all on God and my wife except myself.

I left home on February 7th, 2017 to stay away from the troubles of marriage and family not knowing whether I was separating from my wife or not. My confusion was from the fact that I loved my children so much as to let them suffer, several months after things were still not working.

While leaving, I took along 3 books: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Richest man in Babylon by George Clason, and Secret of the Millionaires by Eker Harv. I decided never to buy or read any other book until I have read these books at least 3 times each.

These books helped me realised that the issue is not with my wife, God or even with the devil but with me. All three kept pointing to just one place; MY MIND.

It was then I delve into the study of how the mind works and there I discovered the secrets of how ALL I HAVE EVER BEEN AND ALL I WILL EVER BE is as a result of what was and is on my MIND.

My relationship with my wife and God has been restored, money has started coming in larger quantities and my life has changed tremendously.

In the month of April starting from the 8th, I will be hosting a class CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAM on WhatsApp to teach you how it all happened and how your life can change too.

Only 10 people will be taken. Join now as the number will be reached anytime soon.

It’s just N1,000 to join. Pay into GT BANK account number 0172323238 account name Ntesat Ezekiel then send your WhatsApp number to 08023755992 for inclusion in the private group.

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In this article, I will be identifying the 11 things we all must do if we want to move from the place of limitation to power – place where we become the master of our life, a place where we decide what result we get instead of accepting handouts from life.

There are basically five things we all must change our mindset about; money, life, work, service, and religion but I won’t be addressing them here. I will be showing you how to change your mindset and hopefully, you will be better equipped with necessary information to make your decisions on how to change your mindsets on these things especially religion which is one thing that has influenced us more than anything else and to a large extent, the bane of our struggles.

Mindset is your predominant thought pattern about a thing, a person, a people, a situation and a circumstance. Our mindsets are formed first from our interactions with our family, then our environment, and finally our personal experiences.

The collection of our mindsets forms our blueprint. Our blueprint is the internal manual with which our entire life is run. Just like we need a manual to operate new gadgets so does our life require a manual to operate. The one who uses this manual is your subconscious mind.

You never stop using the manual of any equipment, you threw away the manual because you have transferred the content of the manual to your internal manual called your subconscious mind, or at least you believed you did. This is what happens with anything you learned and can do them even when you close your eyes.

There are three types of mindsets. Limiting (Fixed Mindset), Empowering (Growth Mindset) and a mixture of both (Mixed Mindset).

As the name implies, these are sets of mindsets that inhibits personal growth. It’s a mindset predominantly occupied with negativism, pessimism, fetishism, etc. E.g. when you believe your lack is caused by some forces from the village. It exhibits itself through such things as suspicion, parsimony (stinginess), bitterness, etc. It’s what Carol Dweck in her book Mindset call FIXED MINDSET.

These are a set of mindsets that makes one want to achieve more, keeps one awake doing productive activities and doing so with an excellent attitude. Empowering mindset sees challenges as tools for personal growth and development. This type of mindset is called Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck.

This is when someone has a measure of both limiting and empowering mindset. No single individual can be said to have entirely limiting or empowering mindset. Everyone has a measure of both but the measure of each is what defines you. Is your mindset predominantly limiting or empowering? If it’s empowering, fantastic otherwise, it’s my intention to help you increase your empowering mindset through this write-up.


1. Desire for a real change and believe it’s possible.
Every change starts with a desire. According to Napoleon Hill, Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.

For you to truly make any meaningful change in your life, you must desire that change passionately and believe you deserve it. Because the amount of work required to change anything is enormous especially a change in the mind, your desire for a change must be so strong so as to be able to carry you through the aggressive attack of your current but limiting mindsets.

2. See abundance everywhere.
Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc were longtime billionaires. Long after, Larry Page and Sergey Brin owners of Google, Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola, Jack Ma of Alibaba, etc, became billionaires yet Gates and Buffet were still billionaires.

Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg, Folurunso Alakija and Ezekiel Ntesat (realistically dreaming) became billionaires yet those who were billionaires before us never lost their billions. What does this tell you? There is an endless supply of wealth including money. Just look at nature, what among all that God created that is limited in number including even mosquito?

If you are a child of God and you are living a LACK MINDSET, you are disgracing your creator. Begin to see the abundance of the things you desire, call them forth, do what is required and start receiving them today.

3. Find out the sources of your limiting mindset.
Above, I talked about the family, environment and personal experiences are the main sources of our mindsets. To identify the particular source of any mindset, you must first identify the particular mindset. Say, for instance, you want to identify your mindset about money; to do so, you should start by looking back at the money pattern of your parents or whoever you spent most of your childhood years with.

What I mean by this is, how did your parents handle money? What was the nature of their financial inflow? What was their experiences about money, was it a bitter or pleasant? What were their common phrases for money, e.g. Daddy always saying “go ask your mummy” or Mummy saying “leave me alone, go ask your daddy” creating the mindset of the men or women always have money. Or something like, did you give me any money to keep or the common one, “save for the rainy day” creating the mindset of money is scarce when indeed money is abundant.

4. Acknowledge you never took those mindsets intentionally.
Research has proven that our conscious mind fully develops at age 25. This means that before then, most of what we hear, see and do were never really intentional especially when we were children between 4 months in pregnancy till about 12 years old. At this stage, we depend completely on our subconscious mind to retain information and the risk in that is, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between something that’s real or imagined, truth or false so it absorbs whatever our authority figures tell us.

Now that we are grown and can consciously determine what we accept or reject, we can acknowledge that we never accepted what our parents, society and personal experiences taught and gave to us. You may ask, what use seeing that the subconscious mind never deletes an information? You need to understand also that the subconscious mind can be deceived knowing that it cannot tell what is true or false. You can capitalise on this weakness to imprint empowering beliefs thereby suppressing those limiting mindsets.

5. Do not blame anyone or circumstances that brought about those mindsets.
When you blame, you are shifting responsibility away from yourself. Unfortunately for those who find pleasure in blaming, those you blame do not know it was them that ruined your life. If you doubt, try telling them how they ruined your life and see their reaction.

You see, when you blame others for your failures, you are transferring your responsibilities to someone who does not know it was his/her responsibility to make your life better. Blaming is an activity enjoyed by those who like their comfort zone. Meaningful change occurs outside our comfort zone.

Finally on blaming, how much improvement have you seen in your life since you started blaming others for your challenges? I bet not much, so why not stop blaming others including your parents and take full responsibility for your life.

6. Change your environment and association.
Your associates are one of your greatest assets but only when they are empowering associates. When they are not, they are your greatest limitation. To make headways in your drive to change from limiting to empowering mindset, you must eliminate some toxins from your life. It’s difficult to get old friends out, that’s why I recommend in step one that your desire for this change must be strong enough. If you don’t change your association, you will continue to resemble them.

7. Forgive all not for their sake but for your sake.
The power of forgiveness is the power of freedom. Holding animosity towards those who “gave” you limiting mindsets or discouraged you from taking certain decisions which could have changed your situation is rooted in blame.

When you keep grudges, just like all other negative energies, you frustrate your creative abilities, making seeing growth opportunities difficult if not impossible. You now see why you need to forgive all including those you have sworn never to forgive. Do this for your own self.

8. Identify your feathers and flock with them.
Someone said you resemble who you assemble. And the scriptures say evil communication corrupts good manners. These scriptures are saying the same thing. It simply means that if you desire a better life, associate with people who are either already better or are aspiring to better their lives. A friend of a millionaire will become a millionaire soon, your life is shaped by your acquaintances.

I have established that your subconscious mind runs your life and the subconscious is influenced by repeatedly impressing it with vibratory energies in the form of information. The more you stay around people who regularly talk and discusses with you, the more they keep repeating their dominant thoughts thereby transferring their energies to you. This process is called subliminal imprinting.

These imprints, when successfully planted into your subconscious, becomes part of your blueprints to run your life. The influence of your friends on you is huge because it’s difficult to resist their urge. You will always want to please them because of the natural need to be accepted.

9. Have an open mind.
Joyce Rachele a Philipino author wrote, “there is no difference between a man who can’t hear and the one who refuses to listen”. A person with a closed mind is a person who has refused to listen. You can neither know it all nor is all the knowledge you have enough to bring you the kind of wealth or prosperity you desire. Even the Bible says we know in part. We all need each other to succeed and the best of each is what he or she knows to give.

You must know the difference between having an open mind and being a robot. A robot accepts just everything and an open mind accepts only what is necessary but this is only possible if you did not conclude before the person opens his or her mouth. Closed minded (fixed minded) people judge the content of a person from his or her appearance or from a brief interaction.

10. Learn, read, study.
To change your condition, first, change the cause. The cause of your condition is you. All that which can change you are not in you. You must search it out and accept it before it can change you. Read wide, but particularly books on what you want. Further your education, study the life of others and never stop improving.

11. Trick your mind.
The last but not the least of the steps in how to change from limiting to empowering mindset is to trick your subconscious mind. Remember I said earlier that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined thoughts, so you can actually trick it to believe what you want it to. This is achieved by creating and repeat empowering affirmations that expresses what you want.

Let me also inform you that the subconscious mind does not operate in the past or the future but in the now, so your empowering affirmations must be in the present tense. Start your affirmation with the phrase “I am … ” or “I have … “.

Read your affirmations every day until your subconscious mind believes and accepts them. This is usually done in at least 21 days after that, you may reduce it to once or twice a week until you have done it for about 90 days to establish permanence.

When you start, your conscious mind will discourage you, saying those things are lies because it sees only in the physical, just ignore it. After some time, it will keep quiet and the message will be imprinted on the subconscious as one more resource it should work on.

To summarise, until we change the root, the fruits will be same. The root of our condition is our mindsets (our beliefs). To move from the place of limitation to the place of power and abundance, there are things we must do and in a relatively sequential order including, truly desiring and believing a change in our lives, seeing abundance instead of scarcity, knowing the source(s) of our limiting beliefs, rejecting them, but not blaming them on others.

The list also includes disassociating from things and people whose influence caused or still causes those mindsets, freeing ourselves to receive by forgiving anyone and of course ourselves. Getting attached to those who have or desire what you desire, have an open mind, learn voraciously and trick your subconscious mind to your advantage.