In this article, I will be identifying the 11 things we all must do if we want to move from the place of limitation to power – place where we become the master of our life, a place where we decide what result we get instead of accepting handouts from life.

There are basically five things we all must change our mindset about; money, life, work, service, and religion but I won’t be addressing them here. I will be showing you how to change your mindset and hopefully, you will be better equipped with necessary information to make your decisions on how to change your mindsets on these things especially religion which is one thing that has influenced us more than anything else and to a large extent, the bane of our struggles.

Mindset is your predominant thought pattern about a thing, a person, a people, a situation and a circumstance. Our mindsets are formed first from our interactions with our family, then our environment, and finally our personal experiences.

The collection of our mindsets forms our blueprint. Our blueprint is the internal manual with which our entire life is run. Just like we need a manual to operate new gadgets so does our life require a manual to operate. The one who uses this manual is your subconscious mind.

You never stop using the manual of any equipment, you threw away the manual because you have transferred the content of the manual to your internal manual called your subconscious mind, or at least you believed you did. This is what happens with anything you learned and can do them even when you close your eyes.

There are three types of mindsets. Limiting (Fixed Mindset), Empowering (Growth Mindset) and a mixture of both (Mixed Mindset).

As the name implies, these are sets of mindsets that inhibits personal growth. It’s a mindset predominantly occupied with negativism, pessimism, fetishism, etc. E.g. when you believe your lack is caused by some forces from the village. It exhibits itself through such things as suspicion, parsimony (stinginess), bitterness, etc. It’s what Carol Dweck in her book Mindset call FIXED MINDSET.

These are a set of mindsets that makes one want to achieve more, keeps one awake doing productive activities and doing so with an excellent attitude. Empowering mindset sees challenges as tools for personal growth and development. This type of mindset is called Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck.

This is when someone has a measure of both limiting and empowering mindset. No single individual can be said to have entirely limiting or empowering mindset. Everyone has a measure of both but the measure of each is what defines you. Is your mindset predominantly limiting or empowering? If it’s empowering, fantastic otherwise, it’s my intention to help you increase your empowering mindset through this write-up.


1. Desire for a real change and believe it’s possible.
Every change starts with a desire. According to Napoleon Hill, Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.

For you to truly make any meaningful change in your life, you must desire that change passionately and believe you deserve it. Because the amount of work required to change anything is enormous especially a change in the mind, your desire for a change must be so strong so as to be able to carry you through the aggressive attack of your current but limiting mindsets.

2. See abundance everywhere.
Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc were longtime billionaires. Long after, Larry Page and Sergey Brin owners of Google, Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola, Jack Ma of Alibaba, etc, became billionaires yet Gates and Buffet were still billionaires.

Not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg, Folurunso Alakija and Ezekiel Ntesat (realistically dreaming) became billionaires yet those who were billionaires before us never lost their billions. What does this tell you? There is an endless supply of wealth including money. Just look at nature, what among all that God created that is limited in number including even mosquito?

If you are a child of God and you are living a LACK MINDSET, you are disgracing your creator. Begin to see the abundance of the things you desire, call them forth, do what is required and start receiving them today.

3. Find out the sources of your limiting mindset.
Above, I talked about the family, environment and personal experiences are the main sources of our mindsets. To identify the particular source of any mindset, you must first identify the particular mindset. Say, for instance, you want to identify your mindset about money; to do so, you should start by looking back at the money pattern of your parents or whoever you spent most of your childhood years with.

What I mean by this is, how did your parents handle money? What was the nature of their financial inflow? What was their experiences about money, was it a bitter or pleasant? What were their common phrases for money, e.g. Daddy always saying “go ask your mummy” or Mummy saying “leave me alone, go ask your daddy” creating the mindset of the men or women always have money. Or something like, did you give me any money to keep or the common one, “save for the rainy day” creating the mindset of money is scarce when indeed money is abundant.

4. Acknowledge you never took those mindsets intentionally.
Research has proven that our conscious mind fully develops at age 25. This means that before then, most of what we hear, see and do were never really intentional especially when we were children between 4 months in pregnancy till about 12 years old. At this stage, we depend completely on our subconscious mind to retain information and the risk in that is, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between something that’s real or imagined, truth or false so it absorbs whatever our authority figures tell us.

Now that we are grown and can consciously determine what we accept or reject, we can acknowledge that we never accepted what our parents, society and personal experiences taught and gave to us. You may ask, what use seeing that the subconscious mind never deletes an information? You need to understand also that the subconscious mind can be deceived knowing that it cannot tell what is true or false. You can capitalise on this weakness to imprint empowering beliefs thereby suppressing those limiting mindsets.

5. Do not blame anyone or circumstances that brought about those mindsets.
When you blame, you are shifting responsibility away from yourself. Unfortunately for those who find pleasure in blaming, those you blame do not know it was them that ruined your life. If you doubt, try telling them how they ruined your life and see their reaction.

You see, when you blame others for your failures, you are transferring your responsibilities to someone who does not know it was his/her responsibility to make your life better. Blaming is an activity enjoyed by those who like their comfort zone. Meaningful change occurs outside our comfort zone.

Finally on blaming, how much improvement have you seen in your life since you started blaming others for your challenges? I bet not much, so why not stop blaming others including your parents and take full responsibility for your life.

6. Change your environment and association.
Your associates are one of your greatest assets but only when they are empowering associates. When they are not, they are your greatest limitation. To make headways in your drive to change from limiting to empowering mindset, you must eliminate some toxins from your life. It’s difficult to get old friends out, that’s why I recommend in step one that your desire for this change must be strong enough. If you don’t change your association, you will continue to resemble them.

7. Forgive all not for their sake but for your sake.
The power of forgiveness is the power of freedom. Holding animosity towards those who “gave” you limiting mindsets or discouraged you from taking certain decisions which could have changed your situation is rooted in blame.

When you keep grudges, just like all other negative energies, you frustrate your creative abilities, making seeing growth opportunities difficult if not impossible. You now see why you need to forgive all including those you have sworn never to forgive. Do this for your own self.

8. Identify your feathers and flock with them.
Someone said you resemble who you assemble. And the scriptures say evil communication corrupts good manners. These scriptures are saying the same thing. It simply means that if you desire a better life, associate with people who are either already better or are aspiring to better their lives. A friend of a millionaire will become a millionaire soon, your life is shaped by your acquaintances.

I have established that your subconscious mind runs your life and the subconscious is influenced by repeatedly impressing it with vibratory energies in the form of information. The more you stay around people who regularly talk and discusses with you, the more they keep repeating their dominant thoughts thereby transferring their energies to you. This process is called subliminal imprinting.

These imprints, when successfully planted into your subconscious, becomes part of your blueprints to run your life. The influence of your friends on you is huge because it’s difficult to resist their urge. You will always want to please them because of the natural need to be accepted.

9. Have an open mind.
Joyce Rachele a Philipino author wrote, “there is no difference between a man who can’t hear and the one who refuses to listen”. A person with a closed mind is a person who has refused to listen. You can neither know it all nor is all the knowledge you have enough to bring you the kind of wealth or prosperity you desire. Even the Bible says we know in part. We all need each other to succeed and the best of each is what he or she knows to give.

You must know the difference between having an open mind and being a robot. A robot accepts just everything and an open mind accepts only what is necessary but this is only possible if you did not conclude before the person opens his or her mouth. Closed minded (fixed minded) people judge the content of a person from his or her appearance or from a brief interaction.

10. Learn, read, study.
To change your condition, first, change the cause. The cause of your condition is you. All that which can change you are not in you. You must search it out and accept it before it can change you. Read wide, but particularly books on what you want. Further your education, study the life of others and never stop improving.

11. Trick your mind.
The last but not the least of the steps in how to change from limiting to empowering mindset is to trick your subconscious mind. Remember I said earlier that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined thoughts, so you can actually trick it to believe what you want it to. This is achieved by creating and repeat empowering affirmations that expresses what you want.

Let me also inform you that the subconscious mind does not operate in the past or the future but in the now, so your empowering affirmations must be in the present tense. Start your affirmation with the phrase “I am … ” or “I have … “.

Read your affirmations every day until your subconscious mind believes and accepts them. This is usually done in at least 21 days after that, you may reduce it to once or twice a week until you have done it for about 90 days to establish permanence.

When you start, your conscious mind will discourage you, saying those things are lies because it sees only in the physical, just ignore it. After some time, it will keep quiet and the message will be imprinted on the subconscious as one more resource it should work on.

To summarise, until we change the root, the fruits will be same. The root of our condition is our mindsets (our beliefs). To move from the place of limitation to the place of power and abundance, there are things we must do and in a relatively sequential order including, truly desiring and believing a change in our lives, seeing abundance instead of scarcity, knowing the source(s) of our limiting beliefs, rejecting them, but not blaming them on others.

The list also includes disassociating from things and people whose influence caused or still causes those mindsets, freeing ourselves to receive by forgiving anyone and of course ourselves. Getting attached to those who have or desire what you desire, have an open mind, learn voraciously and trick your subconscious mind to your advantage.