All we have been and all we will ever be was and shall be by what is on our mind.

Until you have a breakthrough in your mind, you may never have any other form of breakthrough.

Come to think of it, until you change your prayer pattern to conform to the word of God, your prayers may not be answered. This change in pattern can only come by a change in your mind.

Until you change the way you study your books, a breakthrough in academics may be very far away. That in itself is a breakthrough in the mind.

Until you change the way you think about money which will make you start doing the things rich people do with money, you may never become rich.

Every change in circumstance usually starts with a change in the mind. The process of change is almost impossible without a commensurate change in your mind.

Attend MIND GEAR 2.0 and you will learn how your mind works and how you can change it to change any circumstance you want.

Date: This Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Time: 3pm prompt.

PLEASE NOTE: The venue has been changed to a more conducive one.

The venue now is Beachland Hotel, opposite Abraham Adesanya Estate Gate, Ajah – Lagos

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This event is supported by Simple Plus Ventures Ltd, an indigenous and one of Nigeria’s leading Architectural and engineering construction firms.