John C. Maxwell once said, “People don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care”.

To extract commitment from me, my pastor first showed me how much he cared for me and I literally gave him just about anything he wanted from me.

Unfortunately, many religious leaders think they are showing how much they care by praying, pronouncing blessings and prophesying on their members. My Bishop did all these but he did not stop there. He kept organizing seminars, workshops and leadership training for us. In doing that, he built us up so we can handle responsibilities more effectively. At the right time, he did not hesitate to delegate large responsibilities to us and we did our best.

Your prayers are really appreciated by your members but until your prayers, the pronouncement of blessings and prophecies become material, they do not “think” you truly care.

After all, they never came to your church to collect prayers and prophecies. If you don’t know this as a religious leader, it’s because you still do not really know what people are looking for in your church.

This article is particularly written for church leaders but the message in it equally applies to both business and other types of organisational leaders.

In writing this article, I will be using my personal experience as a church member and leader in various capacity (except as a pastor as I am not one) to illustrate how religious leaders can get their members commitment to the church.

In November 2001, I moved from the village to Port Harcourt hoping to continue my education. After few months, I had an unresolved issue with my girlfriend so I needed another girlfriend but now a beautiful and churchy type. So I went to the happening church in my area. I sighted one but I never had the boldness to approach her until Jesus approached me.

More of the experience I am about to share was in my early years of accepting Jesus into my life at Church of God Mission International Borikiri Port Harcourt, under the dynamic leadership of a man I consider the best administrator on earth, Bishop Emmanuel Ihueze. To this man and his inspiring (for lack of a better word) wife Rev (Engr.) Mrs. Happiness Ihueze I owe an eternal gratitude for allowing God use them to help me discover my purpose and potential.

it’s the primary duty of every religious leader to identify what his/her church members want and to go all out to meeting these needs. When this is done, then their “bargain” (if I may use that word) with such member becomes a win-win situation. And then, they are sure to extract commitments from such a member.