No man has ever become somebody without somebody.
Ezekiel Ntesat
Keeping our words is one of those not easy things we must do if we truly want to achieve our goals in life.
Ezekiel Ntesat
Spend a lot of time identifying the 3 most effective approach. In the end, you’ll save 10 times the time you spent.
Ezekiel Ntesat
I must warn you; just a few action may be beneficial somehow but the action that brings results must be consistent. This is the action that never stops until the result is realised.Ezekiel Ntesat
No matter how positive and optimistic you are about your dreams, if you don’t take relevant and adequate action, you’ll end up with positive and optimistic NOTHING.Ezekiel Ntesat
There is no limit to which one can try. People who stopped trying do so only when they had set a limit to their number of attempts.Ezekiel Ntesat
Sometimes the challenges of life can be so overwhelming that you’ll think it’s not worth trying any further. Never let that happen to you. The approach that really works is to look at all challenges as opportunity instead of as an obstacle.
Ezekiel Ntesat
Anything can work if done rightly and sufficiently. It’s your job to find out how to do it rightly and sufficiently.
Ezekiel Ntesat
The object of discipline is not becoming perfect but the habit you develop in the process. New habit brings change.Ezekiel Ntesat
People must help you on your way to success but thinking your wealth is in their hands is deceptive and fraudulent. Ezekiel Ntesat

Your financial breakthrough comes only after your mind breakthrough. Get liberated in your mind and you will get the liberation in your finances.Ezekiel Ntesat

A man who behold a sore whether on man or beast without empathy, has a greater sore in his sole.Ezekiel Ntesat

If you want more money, you either live below your income or earn more than you spend. But if you want to be rich, you must do both.Ezekiel Ntesat

Make the decision to try whatever seems reasonable. Whenever you feel like stopping, make another decision to try it one more time. Soon you’ll form the habit of doing it and you won’t think about giving it up anymore.Ezekiel Ntesat

One thing it cost more than anything else to achieve your dreams if not the only thing is the WILL to achieve it. Ezekiel Ntesat

The only way to prove your willingness to change, is your commitment to doing those things the change requires. Ezekiel Ntesat

The more important benefit associating with people who are better than yourself is to learn from them and not to be their friend. Ezekiel Ntesat

If you cannot sacrifice immediate reward for the future, you are not needed in the future. Ezekiel Ntesat

Admire the person and not his possessions for it’s the person that makes the possessions and not the possessions the person. Ezekiel Ntesat

Within you is enough resources to aid you get whatever resources that you may wish to have. Ezekiel Ntesat

If you cannot sacrifice immediate reward for the future, you are not needed in the future. Ezekiel Ntesat

Everyone feels bad when they fail, but those who did not let the initial setbacks stop them from attempting finally succeeds. Ezekiel Ntesat
I’ve noticed that successful people take risk believing they will win while the mediocre take risk but not wanting to to loose. The poor on the other hand never take any because they know they will loose. Their thinking makes the difference.Ezekiel Ntesat
You must become successful to be able to do the things successful people do before you can become wealthy.Ezekiel Ntesat
Take action the moment you’re convinced. Procrastination is the habit of needless delaying when action was required.Ezekiel Ntesat
The best time to set your financial goal is when you’re really broke. Hunger fixes the mind on just one thing; solutions.Ezekiel Ntesat
To start your journey to wealth, earn more than you spend. If you ‘think’ you can’t earn more, then spend less than you earn.Ezekiel Ntesat
You cannot become wealthy with your gold if you let someone else sell it for you for too long. Find out where and how he sells it then go sell it yourself.Ezekiel Ntesat
A salary is like a candy your employer gives to you to collect your diamond unless you knowingly give it out so he’ll polish it for you. To prove you gave it out knowingly, collect it back the moment he’s through polishing it. Ezekiel Ntesat
Be interested in what you do. Concentrate on what you do. Be persistent in what you do and you’ll become successful.Ezekiel Ntesat
Preceding every accomplishment is a strong and definite desire. Until your desire is strong and definite enough, you are only wishing.Ezekiel Ntesat
No one human will is strong enough to hinder another human with equally or greater will from accomplishing his purpose.Ezekiel Ntesat
Poverty can be cured. Many want it cured but only the few who do what is required get it cured.Ezekiel Ntesat
If you don’t plan for your tomorrow today, you will worry about it when tomorrow becomes today.Ezekiel Ntesat
The road to success is never mastered, the bend you saw in your last journey may no longer be there when next you take that road.Ezekiel Ntesat
You can’t be aimless and expects to hit a target. By chance you may but you are most likely to hit the wrong target..Ezekiel Ntesat
When you blame someone else for your failures, you relinquish control over your situation but not to anyone.Ezekiel Ntesat
When you blame another for your situation, you are shifting your responsibility to someone who does not know it was his responsibility.Ezekiel Ntesat
You can’t be happy placing a demand upon life and not be happy accepting life’s demands. Ezekiel Ntesat
Discipline puts you down on your work bench at a time you want to be on your rest bed. Ezekiel Ntesat
Without the hope for result, life pursuit will be meaningless. Ezekiel Ntesat
You have actually being telling life what you want by your attitude towards your responsibilities. Ezekiel Ntesat
Sometimes, you may need to clean another person’s mess to learn how to clean your mess. Ezekiel Ntesat
The reward of life comes only after you have fulfilled life’s demands. Ezekiel Ntesat
Reality is, the demands of life on you is usually smaller when compared with the reward life is willing to give to you. Ezekiel Ntesat
Those who value time see more time conscious people. Those who don’t see more people in a hurry. You see what you are. Ezekiel Ntesat